What is an Energy or Reiki Attunement?

It's an initiation. A Reiki Master/Teacher has the intention to attune a beginner to Reiki, and The Force does the rest. You begin your path as a student or practitioner with an Attunement.

Once you receive an Attunement to an energy empowerment or Reiki system, it is for life, i.e. it will stay with you for life! Whenever you need to relax or you need an energy boost, you can connect to the energy you are attuned to by simply thinking about the name of the energy or by repeating some mantra. Once you do, the energy will start to flow automatically. The flow of energy basically focuses on your hands, which is why your hands will become very warm and with pleasant sensations. We use our hands to do our own self-healing and to send energy to others.

All Attunements provided on this website are performed by Márcia Silva. The Attunements are mostly performed via Chi ball. You will receive the Chi balls to call in the Attunement whenever you are ready, at the comfort of your home or wherever you feel more comfortable. Chi balls are powerful energy balls and they never expire. When your Chi ball has been successfully created, I will let you know by email and provide you with instructions as to how to call in your Chi ball.

Some people prefer to receive their Attunements in "real-time" and be "present" while the Distance Attunement is being performed. If you would like to receive your Attunements this way, please drop me a message upon check-out.

Please drop me a DM with the list of your orders here. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

I post new Energy Empowerments and Reiki systems from time to time on the site. Stay tuned!