Intuitive Paintings by MarcyMex

On Sunday April 04, 2021 it came to my attention the passing of a dear friend of mine, Alex da Silva (@Alex) - a dear human being and artist/painter from Cape Verde who travelled all over the world to exhibit his paintings and love. He also came to Macau in 2016. This news came to me as a shock as it was almost 1 year and 4 months after his death, but as we know it, the Universe only made it possible for me to find out in divine timing. Alex was 45 years old and I love(d) him dearly.

While still grieving and in deep meditation, I have connected to Alex's energy. Feeling his presence right there, I felt surrounded by an unconditional love and deep understanding of life in his own views and beauty. Alex's message to me was "The problem, nha amiga (as he used to call me), is that as humans we think we have time. There is no such thing as time: live each now moment and embark yourself into stillness and awareness and into love and joy. Love, laugh and enjoy the beauty of life...there is nothing else - only love. Be that naughty, happy and playful kid that deep down you know you are and you always have been. Release yourself! Be the Love. Be the Light. Paint! Yes, paint, because you too you have it in you.".

While still overwhelmed with this channeling and experience, I actually realized that it was all true! On Monday 12th of April, I found myself buying canvas, brushes and paint and for the first time in my life painting, I have produced my first painting "The Trip to the Moon". I could easily see in my mind's eyes what I had to put down, the energies that I had to transmute as well as the messages that were coming is all so effortless as I follow my heart...I never know what will be the end product, but I know that they are what I have to put out!

I infuse all my paintings with love and Reiki. Thus, the colors and the energy you will see, feel or perceive may create an effect on you - either joy, love or mystery. Regardless, I just hope that you enjoy them as much as I do as I see these paintings as the beginning of a very transformative stage for me.

Some of these paintings will be for sale. If you are interested in any of them contact me here.

In Love & Reiki,


"Xande aka Alex by 2AM" - in the name of our Friendship
"Xande aka Alex by 2AM" - in the name of our Friendship