Witch Magic Lightwork Program

Witch Magick LightWork Program works with the energies of magick, and universal creative source energy. There is one symbol that helps you connect to the energies quickly and easily. Witch Magick LightWork Program was channeled and founded by Reiki Master Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert) in 2014.

In her manual to accompany these attunements the founder explains, "There are 3 attunements to Witch Magick LightWork Program. Each attunement builds energy to expand into the next level so that your personal power and energies become stronger. Witch Magick LightWork Program reaches beyond the limitations of Body, Mind, and Spirit, to focus on becoming truly magickal and empowered as you transform into the BE-ing of magick and light you desire to be. The energies of this system are easy to use and powerful. They bring in feelings of self confidence, and positive attitude as you work with the energies. You are given easy and practical methods of using magick and lightwork for Protection, Empowerment, and Healing for yourself and others.

The three attunements are:

Protection-Level 1 One of the most important things anyone who works with energy can do is to protect themselves. Any form of working with energy requires protection.

Empowerment-Level 2 In both magick and lightwork, there is a need to be empowered in order to succeed in the desire you are working for. In Magick, you must stand in your power with knowledge of what you are wanting to achieve and self confidence - with you cannot have without belief.

Healing-Level 3 In magick, a spiritual connection to the elements, moon, stars, and all of nature, healing and good heath are most important. In lightwork, healing is a giving of energy to clear out illness, stress, and disease as we draw in light, love, and spiritual power of the creative source or infinite intelligence."

Some knowledge of healing and energy work would be beneficial before taking these attunements.

Please read, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Distant Attunement


- Witch Magick LightWork Program - 3 distance attunements sent to you via chi ball method

- Witch Magick LightWork Program original manual by Daelyn Wolf (9 pages)

- Bonus manuals including information about chakras, self-development, etc

- Ongoing email support and advice

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

500.00 MOP