White Light from Archangel Michael

White Light from Archangel Michael is a thick "white cloud" of energy, connected to all chakras and spiritual body. It helps us to unlock our true potentials and cleanses us from all negativity, obstacles and especially thoughtforms.

Thoughtforms can have negative programmings like "we are not worthy enough" or that "we do not deserve abundance, wealth, health" or "success". It helps clear away these programs we have, in order to clear our life's path. 

The energy can be used as a meditation and help us see what programs, obstacles, thoughtforms which we need to clear and remove. When we realize what those are, then we can apply this energy to help remove those negative thoughtforms and programs. 

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: - Distance attunement via chi ball & Attunement Manual and Course Material.

All of the information for the course will be sent to you by email.

222.00 MOP