Star Vega Attunement

From Wikipedia:

"Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra."

Channeled message from Vega: "I am here to adjust people to my energy. I am here to offer my help, as all the former stars that came through. We are all here to help the human race to connect with the cosmos. We should not be far from each other. We should cooperate and be together. My energy can heal on many levels. My strength is enormous. When you use my energy for healing, you will feel warmth, freedom, and "ascended."

You will read a lot about me on the internet, but one thing you will not find: I am a very intellectual being, with a vast intellectual mind. But its actually my consciousness. There are many beings residing on me. Their names are currently not important, but life on me is very possible. We are peaceful to the earth people, and our mission is to help bring peace to Earth. The more you connect with me, the more peace you will gain, not only on an earthly level but also on a personal level. The more of you who are in peace, the more Earth will be in peace.

So basically you should work on your own ascension. The more you work on yourself, the more people surrounded by you will see that and be inspired by that. One by one will reach ascension. Its a time for ascension. The Earth is going through the process of ascension. That's the keyword. I am there to help you to reach that frequency. When you are in harmony with my frequency you will eventually ascend. You will reach a potential that is very high as human beings, but also as spiritual beings in this cosmic universe.

So connect to me. There might be some cleansings because of the adjustment to new frequencies. You have to get rid of the old stuff. Sometimes it can be painful, but though necessary and it doesn't last forever. It can last for a minute, or it can last for weeks, depending on how you stick to the old, and you should not hold on to the past because it's time for a new era!"

Channeled and founded by Marijana Gabrielsen. 

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