Star Maia

Channeled message from Star Maia: "Live your life with dignity. Life is magic. Life is powerful. Life is potent. Life is a gift. It's given to you for a reason. Don't waste your life. Try to live your life to the fullest. Don't waste your potential, it's precious. It comes from God! 

Be aware that every day is a gift! And that is how you should live it. Live IN the moment. Live FOR the moment. Give IN the moment. Love all your beloved ones. Show your feelings and emotions. Show who you truly are!

Shine as bright as a star! Be brave! Be aware of the potential you were given, and aim to discover your potential. Discover your inner being. Discover your bravery. Discover everything that you can be. 

Don't be afraid of solitude either. In solitude, you can discover who and what you truly are. How truly excellent and enormous being you are. When I say enormous, I refer to feelings, potentials, and bravery. And don't regret things. Things are as they are. Everything you have been through has been with a reason. You wouldn't be the person you are today if it wasn't for the past.
So be aware that there is no timeline of life. Everything is in the NOW. People have to use past, present and future in order to live in this realm, where there is a timeframe. But don't be afraid to go away from that timeframe and realize that everything happens in the NOW. When you realize that everything happens in the NOW, you don't regret anything and you don't worry about the future. By not worrying about the future, you live in the NOW and you embrace your so-called past. Appreciate and embrace who you truly are, with ALL that you are. And be aware of this in every moment of your life.

Shine! Embrace nature. Go out in the Sun. Go to the open nature, meditate, connect with nature, the stars, the night sky, the day and everything surrounding you that is natural and you will receive all the energy that is needed.

We already have everything that is needed. We just forget that and we disconnect. Connect to everything that is given to you in order to live this life.
Everything is there for a reason and everything is perfect! When you realize that, you will find the source of filling up the voids you have created in yourself. It's natural to fill up the voids and be full. Use that potential energy.
And never forget to love yourself fully! When you love yourself, you can love others. When you connect to your inner being, you connect to God! To the sparkle that God gave you. Being connected is a way of proper living. And only you can connect or disconnect, no one else can do that for you. That is the power you have! To disconnect or connect. Choose to connect!"

´╗┐Channeled and founded by Marijana Gabrielsen.


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