Reiju Reiki

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Reiju is about entering God's Presence and the giving and receiving of Attunenment. Reiju is the Attunement process of Of Our One Creator who Re-members us and who gives to us Love and Attunement, At-Onement.

• Rei - means "Divine Love", "Divine Wisdom"
• Ki - (Chi, Prana) means "Vital Energy" or "Life Force Energy" which flows in and through everyone and everything
• Reiki is the essence of Life Energy guided by The Divine Love and Wisdom of Our One Creator.

Reiju is the attunement method used by Dr. Usui. People would just be in his presence and the gift of Reiki Healing would transfer to them. Sometimes he would run his hands through their aura and they would become attuned in that way. As time went by a formal attunement method was developed and from there many forms of Reiki have come about.

In spite of these developments Reiju is how people are attuned. It is the process of attunement or At-onement. Dr. Usui, the founder of modern Reiki, himself experienced Reiju, the presence of God, and received by God's method of Reiju, an attunement. Reiju Reiki flowed through Dr. Usui from then on and through Reiju attunements he shared the gift of Reiki with others.

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