Metatron’s Rainbow Flower

This energy consists of a white, radiant ray with the quality of the full spectrum light. It can help to purify our emotions, heart chakra, thoughts, and whole being from negativity that we gathered through the whole life. 

It is good for healing traumas that may block us on the way of love. It is especially good for developing gentleness. Gentleness is the crucial virtue in any relationship and partnership because we should cherish a person as a flower. That is why this energy is metaphorically called and given as a flower. We should take care of a person we love as if he/she was our beautiful flower in the garden. We should feed our partner with good thoughts, love, and "water" as a metaphor of life. We should give our best to that person, and then receive in return the same as we gave - a beautiful aroma as a metaphor for emotions, love, and presence. We get the beauty of that person as we get the beauty of a flower. 

The white ray completely cleanses, purifies, and gives us what is necessary to all chakras, because completeness is what we actually need when we are in a relationship. All the areas of our life should be improved if we want to have a better relationship with someone, with ourselves and God. 

The energy can be used like any other Reiki modality. It can be performed as hands-on healing on all our chakras, parts of our body or it can be distant healing in a form of meditation.


- Distance attunement via chi ball

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