Manifesting Love Empowerment

The Manifesting Love Empowerment has been given to us from Spirit to clear the subconscious mind of any doubt or false belief that we do not want to manifest love in our lives.The empowerment energy will help us to move from living a life of loneliness, worry, anxiety, failure, and fear into attracting the love of our lives.

As the subconscious mind is cleansed new light will enter the subconscious mind allowing it to know we deserve love. The energy will help us to attract and manifest a great and lasting love.

Blocks that prevent us from creating the love destiny we desire will be removed. Any conditioned or programmed thoughts will be removed so that the subconscious mind supports us in manifesting love.

Benefits of Manifesting Love Empowerment

Be more fulfilled and satisfied in life
Be prepared for our soul mate to come into life
See love all around us
Become inspired and empowered
Experience the love we want in our livesSee love within us and others
Stay true to ourselves
Create conscious intention and focus on love
Doubts and fears about love will leave us
Gain clarity about what we want in a mateFear of failure will leave us
Develop trust in divine timing and order
Overcome inner barriers to love
Strengthen intuition and inner power
Create empowered relationships
Emotional and Mental blocks to love are removed

Please read HERE, What You Need to Know before Buying a Distant Attunement


- Distance Attunement sent to you via chi ball method.

- Original manual and bonus manuals which will be sent to you by email.

PLUS - you can pass this energy onto others!!

155.00 MOP