Love - Red heart

The energy of Red Heart is a Ruby ray connected to the heart chakra and it serves to connect you to your soul mate! 

The energy is intended to open you/your heart chakra up for partnership love. The energy can help you by giving you insights on what partnership really means. It helps you to accept to be loved and to embrace yourself. 

The Red Heart energy can help you to open you up to higher spheres and help you to connect to God, in order to receive knowledge about what truly divine love is. Also, it shows you how to love a person divinely, how divine love functions, and how to share that with someone. One of the biggest qualities is, to show you how to bring up the best in another person. To embrace his/her qualities as well as your own, how to share partnership love, mutual life, habits, and how to deal with obstacles. And it will definitely bring you to the deeper knowledge of these things, even before you meet your soul mate! If you have already met your soul mate, it can only improve your relationship! When it comes to the usage of this energy, 

it is useful to practice it as a meditation or hands-on healing on your heart chakra for as long as you intuitively feel. You can also use this energy with your partner, healing him/her with this energy, treating the heart chakra. The intention is, that both of you will receive deeper insights together.


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