Goddess Bastet (Cat Goddess)

Channeled message from the Goddess Bast

"The energy I bear is the energy of peace, gentleness, and subtleness - the energy that feline species already have inside of themselves. That energy is very curing, helping, transforming, and fluid. You know that cats can heal, it is not a myth. And me, as a protector of cats can give you the attunement into my energy. What you should know about my energy is that it is feminine-like. It is both for men and women because all should be gentle. You should all work on your gentle side. 

am a protector of everything that is emotional, such as children, kittens, and women. Working with my energy you are going to work on your emotions and intuition side.

You can heal any obstacle with my energy. I would say my energy is better for emotional problems than for physical issues, but still, it can heal both. 

What is necessary to do? Just to call my name and then put your hands where you feel it is needed and channel the energy. That energy is the energy of my presence, and you will feel the relief after 10 minutes. The energy works very fast and you will notice that even after one session. How do you feel the energy? You might feel a pleasant whirlpool going around your Crown and Third Eye chakra and then through the whole body. You will feel how your heart chakra expands. When you apply the energy you will feel more lightened up, brighter, and more prone to show emotions. 

Be strong, but show emotions. See the strength in the emotional side of your being. That is the point. Know that being emotional is not a weakness. Being emotional is the highest potential you can bring from yourself into this world: show emotions, give love, nourish, kiss, hug. That is the highest potential of one being. Haven't you seen how feline do that? They are very strong and yet emotional and very cuddling. So this energy is like that. Feline-like." 


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