God Ganesha Attunement

Ganesha is a God that will help us to feel self-secure, self-confident, to enable us to be more creative, to remove obstacles on our way of success, self-realization and completion! 

God Ganesha brings a "lucky energy" for people who are in the process of creating something new! It brings luck and abundance! The energy is very positive to use and you can use it as meditation. 

You can also do a prayer to God Ganesha or simply imagine that Ganesha is with you and he will help you! Tuning in to his energy will definitely bring improvement into your life! More success, luck, self-confidence, and a boost of self-security!

Channeled message from Ganesha: "Be yourself! Be who you truly are! Don't see obstacles as some mountains that you can't reach and go over. The obstacle is as big as you see it! So it's up to you how you will see something; either as an obstacle or as a challenge. So it's either-or. It's up to you! All the power is within your heart! So when you feel "big", when you know that you are "big", but truly from within, you will never ever doubt that things are impossible! Because there is no "impossible". Everything you can imagine, you can achieve! But only if you are brave enough, if you trust enough and if you go forward enough. And what is enough? Enough is only the best! So when you reach for your true self, either to discover yourself or to achieve any goal, go only for the best! Your best! Not to compete with others, but to give the best from yourself. And then you can say it's enough. Not before that!"


- Distance attunement via chi ball

- Attunement Manual and Course Material

- Bonus manuals including information about chakras, self-development, etc

- Ongoing email support and advice

All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email.

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