Calming Flush

By Joanna Gawn

Calming Flush has been channelled with the following intentions for all who receive either the attunement and/or the healing session ("Flush")

~ To soothe and dissolve feelings of panic and overwhelm
~ To provide an immediate and sustained feeling of peace; for the recipient to feel calm, centred, and grounded
~ To instil feelings of confidence and positivity about oneself and one's circumstances
~ To feel connected to Universal Energy (Source)
~ To feel supported and guided by Universal Energy (Source)
~ To provide healing of the root cause of feelings of panic, overwhelm, lost confidence, etc., at whatever pace is best for the recipient of the Attunement or Flush.

Please read HERE, What You Need to Know before Buying a Distant Attunement


- Distance Attunement sent to you via chi ball method.

- Original manual and bonus manuals which will be sent to you by email.

PLUS - you can pass this energy onto others!!

55.00 MOP