Animal Light Communication

Animal Light Communication Reiki helps to open "light" channels for communication with animals and aid healing. It was channeled and founded by Sandra Kluge.

In the manual to accompany the attunement she explains, "Because children have a very healthy empathy and are able to empathize with animals, they are tightly connected with them. So it may happen that they "translate" the "animally" messages for us adults. But often we don't take them serious and even laugh it away, so that children often decide to forget these experiences and won't trust their own senses. And after a while, they loose their gift...

But it's true - Anyone of us can be a channel for the language of animals. We just have to re-open it!

When we have (re-) opened the channel within us and built up the communication ability we will be able to experience and learn much more of the animal(s) and we will have much more to share with them.

On a physical or material level animals communicate with gestures, mimic and - e.g. dogs, cats, birds - with the voice. On an energetic level they communicate in a telepathic way in whole sentences, pictures, colors and emotions. It depends on the plane that we communicate with them. They converge to our plane of sending messages.

I called this modality "animal light communication" because the channel that is opened for communication during this attunement is on an energetic plane - in light. It is possible that after the attunement you will be also able to see the aura of an animal and that you will receive more information about animals by interpretation of the pictures and colors of the aura.

The attunement opens your channels to this plane and so it will be easier because this certain energy will be transferred to you in order to help you to find and use your "displaced" ability in an easier way."

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- Animal Light Communication Reiki distance attunement via chi ball

- Animal Light Communication Reiki original manual by Sandra Kluge

- bonus manuals including information about chakras, self development, etc

- Ongoing email support and advice

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