Abundantia's Abundance Energy™ - Abundance, Wealth & Health

Channeled message from Abundantia: "The color of this energy is red (a red ray) and it's connected to the first chakra. It helps you to connect with the frequency of the abundance that already exists in this realm for you! So this energy connects you to something that is already yours, but that you don't currently have. It vibrationally brings you up to the abundance you deserve, that you need and that you already have in your "perfect reality"! The energy is a high frequency. It is, of course, for abundance, for money, for wealth, but for also for health. Further, it's for grounding, and for everything connected to the earthly plane/physical realm. It's the energy that is suitable for meditation and you don't need to use it as a healing technique. It's enough simply to meditate with it for 10-20 minutes a day. You will feel it in your lower chakras. It's especially good to combine with the energies for grounding and to perform a grounding exercise, with affirmations for grounding. Nowadays money has a higher frequency than usual and it's rising. We should go to that vibration of money and wealth as well.It's very simple to use. Just have an intention to connect with the Abundantia's Abundance Energy. 

Channeled message from Gabriel: "This energy works in such a way, that you are being adjusted to corresponding material energies on this earth plane.It's an adjustment tool. That's what you could call it. It's a meditative technique. By meditating, you open yourself up for good things. Especially if you, at the same time, are on the frequency of abundance. When you are relaxed, you don't block, you don't make shields, you don't put up "brain barriers" to block the abundance that is coming to you. Because the only thing that is separating you from your abundance is you! Not the famine, not the president, not the other people, but you. So this is the technique that will make you more prone to receive what is already there for you! And there is abundance for everyone! That's the point."


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